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Here's What Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Can Do for You

Your body is amazing. Did you know that your body is designed to heal itself? You have the inbuilt ability to repair damaged cells and grow new healthy ones -- but sometimes you might need some help.


As you age, your body’s ability to heal itself slows down, and this is why you begin to show signs of aging. Scientists don’t know exactly when this process happens, but it’s estimated that by the age of 25 the aging process has begun in most of us.


People often marvel at how fast children can heal. A cut or a graze takes only days to completely resolve, and kids recover from surgery or an illness at a surprising rate. As you age, you may notice that minor injuries take longer to heal, and health problems arising from wear and tear, such as osteoarthritis, can begin to impact your life.

If only there was a way to turn back the clock


Well, scientists believe there might be. Stem cell regenerative medicine is an exciting area of medicine that promises to bring relief and health by restoring the body’s ability to heal itself and regenerate new, healthy cells.


Stem cells have the potential to become virtually any cell. As they divide and multiply, they take on the characteristics of the cells they need to become, eventually turning into exact replicas of the cells they need to be.


Regenerative medicine involves injecting stem cells into areas of the body affected by an ailment. The stem cells then multiply and work with the body’s existing resources to encourage the creation of new, healthy cells to repair and replace damaged tissue.

What conditions can stem cell regenerative therapy help with?


The medical community is very excited about the potential in stem cell regenerative therapy. At Woodstock Family Practice & Urgent Care in Woodstock, Georgia, Dr. Lee can use stem cell therapy to treat a variety of musculoskeletal complaints and hair loss, and to help reverse the cosmetic signs of aging.

Pain management

If you suffer from arthritis, tendinitis, or muscle injuries, instead of just masking your pain with analgesics, regenerative medicine can help heal your injured tissues by replacing damaged cells with new, healthy cells.

Hair restoration

Hair loss in both men and women can be related to hormones, genetics, or autoimmune disease. No matter the cause, stem cell regeneration therapy can stimulate regrowth of hair in thinning areas. Injecting stem cells into the scalp encourages your hair follicles to grow more hair to replace what you’ve lost.


If you’re bothered by the visible effects of aging, like wrinkles, lost volume, and skin laxity, Dr. Lee can inject stem cells into your skin to promote the production of collagen and elastin, the substances responsible for a youthful appearance.

Make your appointment with Dr. Lee

If you’re ready to address your problems with chronic pain or hair loss, or you hope to reverse the signs of aging, Dr. Lee can help. Make your appointment at Woodstock Family Practice & Urgent Care by calling our office in Woodstock, Georgia, or using our online booking feature.

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